Out of obscurity after 84 years

After being inaccessible for 84 years, the Maastricht 2 artillery casemate can now be visited again.

On the 13 and 27 July and the 10 and 24 August, the casemate will be included in the 11am English-language tour.

Please note: only the 11am tours will visit Maastricht 2. The 1.30pm tours will include either the artillery casemate Vise 1 or Vise 2.

Following the attack on 10 May 1940, access to the casemate had been impossible for many years.

Explosions had destroyed the guns and the gun room, as well as the main stairwell. The casemate had remained sealed off, and no visitor had seen the inside of this destroyed casemate for 84 years.

As part of our Masterplan, our association engaged a specialised contractor who helped us to restore access following more than a year’s worth of work. New stairs were built immediately above all destroyed sections of the original staircase, whilst all undamaged sections were carefully restored and reused.

Thanks to the help and efforts of many volunteers at the fort, Maastricht 2 has now reopened.

Nowhere else in the world has a casemate with such a unique history been preserved. The opening of Maastricht 2 is a true tribute to the victims of the attack on Fort Eben-Emael.

Your guide will tell you the story of the attack on the casemate and will let you discover the disastrous consequences of the heavy explosions. We will invite you to journey back in time to 10 May 1940.

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