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today (30-05-2024) visiting by prior booking only

Dear visitor,
During the fighting for the fort on 10 and 11 May 1940, both civilians and soldiers lost their lives in the fort. May we therefore ask you to show due respect during your visit.

Visit the fort

Self-guided visits
Follow a set route at your own pace.  No pre-booking needed.  Standard adult ticket €10.

Self-guided visits, plus 2h standard guided tour
Includes a visit to an artillery casemate.  Pre-booking recommended.  Standard adult ticket 

Private guided tours
VIP-visit with a guide just for your group.  Suitable for 1 to 15 people. Pre-booking required.  Visit the interior, or the interior and exterior.

Guided themed visits
VIP-visit to exclusive areas of the fort.  Suitable for 1 to 15 people.  Pre-booking required.  Visit Cupola 120mm, Cupola 75mm or explore the interior to the Albert Canal by torchlight.

Private all-day visit
An all-day visit that lasts 6h30 whereby you compose your own itinerary from our ‘a la carte’ menu of options.

Guided group visits
Minimum of 16 people required.  Three visit options available. Pre-booking required. Ticket prices from €10 per person.

Welcome to one of Europe's largest fortresses

Fort Eben-Emael, constructed between 1932 and 1935, was one of the largest fortifications in Europe. The spectacular and innovative attack on the fortress by an elite unit of German paratroopers on 10 May 1940 marked the tragic start of World War II for Western Europe.

The fortress is more than a museum, it's an experience

It is an experience and an exciting adventure to step into the world of the young soldiers of the time, some of them barely 18 years old. The gigantic complex is the largest and best-preserved underground fortress from the Second World War that can still be visited. 90% of the underground complex is open to visitors. More than 80 guides are on hand to show you this immense underground structure and its history. Immerse yourself in the secret and innovative German plans and attack of 10 May 1940, the beginning of World War 2 for Western Europe.

An immense underground complex

The complex extends on 2 underground and 1 above-ground levels. Barracks for 1200 soldiers, 5 km of underground galleries, and 17 battle bunkers.

2024 annual calendar and opening times

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