General terms and conditions

Version 2 January 2021 

The general terms and conditions may be amended at any time. In the event of amendment, the version of the general terms and conditions available on the website will be applied to the reservation of services or products on the date of the final confirmation of the group reservation or the individual visit.<p>

House rules
The fortress is a memorial. It was here that we fought for our freedom in 1940. That is why we ask everyone to behave respectfully and respect the memory of the fallen soldiers while visiting.
The fort’s patrimony is fragile, help us to preserve it. Follow the directions of the guides and the management of the A.S.B.L. (non-profit organization) Fort Eben-Emael. By visiting the fort, you agree you are responsible for your own safety. The fort and the A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael are not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal items. The fort and the A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael disclaim all liability in the event of damage to or theft of vehicles, bicycles, and motorbikes in our car park or at the bicycle parking. Parents, group supervisors, and teachers are at all times responsible and accountable for the behavior of the children or group members they bring to the fort.

Through your visit, you automatically agree that you will be filmed by our security cameras and that the footage will be kept by us. Although we respect your right to privacy, it is also possible that on occasion you will be filmed during your visit. The A.S.B.L Fort Eben-Emael can use these recordings for promotional material and new activities.
Many visitors take photographs and make videos. If you do not want to be in the picture, instantly make this clear to the photographer or filmmaker. The fort and the A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael are not liable for unauthorized use of imagery by third parties.
Photography, video, and sound recordings for private use are permitted, provided the other visitors are not disturbed. We claim the right to use imagery involving the fort shared on the internet by visitors to the fort for our own purposes. Photography, video, and sound recordings for professional or commercial purposes are only permitted with the prior written consent of the A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael.

Dogs on a leash are allowed as long as they do not disturb other visitors.

Visiting conditions
Article 1.
In order to visit the fort, visitors, need to possess a valid admission ticket. Admission tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket office. The valid rates for a visit to the fort are those indicated on

Article 2. – Individual visit
We strongly advise individual visitors to reserve a time slot. Access cannot be guaranteed without reserving a time slot.

Article 2.1.
Admission tickets purchased in advance will not be taken back or refunded, in particular in the event of loss or theft. Admission tickets only are valid on the date chosen by the visitor at the time of purchase.

The A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael reserves the right, in the event of force majeure (due to natural, accidental or social events – non-exhaustive list), to refuse entry to the fort to visitors who have purchased an admission ticket in advance. In this case, the admission ticket will remain valid until 31 December of the current year and for the same type of visit. However, a new reservation must be made by sending an e-mail to
Potential visitors who do not use their pre-purchased admission ticket during the year of purchase will do so at their own expense. No refund of the entrance fee can be requested.

The applicable rates are listed on our website The A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael accepts responsibility for any errors on its website but is not liable for incorrect information provided by third parties.

Article 2.2.
When purchasing an admission ticket at a reduced price, by means of a voucher, a discount card or a membership card of a partner association, a valid voucher or discount card must be handed in at the reception desk on the day of the visit, otherwise the normal rate will be applied. Members of partner associations must show a valid membership card.

Article 3. – Visit on reservation.
Are considered as visit on reservation: private visit, group visit, theme tour, theme tour, school visit. A visit on reservation is always a guided tour. A prior reservation is required for a visit on reservation. A visit on reservation can be booked any day of the year that the fort is open. The period within which the reservation must be made is stated on our website The person making the reservation is considered to be the person responsible for the visit and the group. The reservation request will be confirmed by our secretariat as soon as possible.

Article 3.1.
There is a minimum price for a visit on reservation. The applicable minimum prices are listed on our website The A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael accepts responsibility for any errors on its website but is not liable for incorrect information provided by third parties. Payment for the visit on reservation will be made on the day of the visit itself by means of electronic payment or by cash payment, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the secretariat. Payments on invoices must be made within 14 days of the invoice date.

Article 3.2.
There is a maximum number of visitors per type of visit on reservation and per guide. The maximum number of visitors is indicated on our website The number of participants in a group visit can be changed up to 2 working days before the visit date by sending an e-mail to Otherwise, if the number of visitors is lower, the number of visitors initially indicated at the time of booking will be charged, always taking into account the minimum price for the type of tour. If, without prior notice, the number of participants exceeds the earlier specified number, an additional guide may be assigned. The cost of this additional guide depends on the type of visit, as mentioned on If an additional guide is not available, participation in the tour may be denied to the non-specified additional visitors.

Article 3.3.
If the group booked has a delay of more than 15 minutes, the secretariat of the fort must be contacted on +32 (0)4 286 2861. If the group does not show up within 45 minutes after the scheduled time, and without telephone notification, the visit will be cancelled (no show) and a fee of € 30,- per scheduled guide will be charged.

Article 3.4.
A cancellation of a visit on reservation must be notified by e-mail to at the latest 2 working days before the date of the visit. If a group does not show up on the date of the visit (no show), a fee of € 30,- per guide will be charged.

A.S.B.L. Fort Eben-Emael – 02/01/2021

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